I work with spirited, heart-centered people who feel blocked or stuck in their creative expression and in living the life they dream of.

I help you to powerfully unleash your creativity and unique gifts and follow a heart path to actually have your dreams come true. I help you to co-create a life of passion, possibility and deep play.

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“Max, you are exceptional as a teacher: intuitive, supportive, enthusiastic, as well as having a wealth of your own experiences to share and draw from. I was so stuck, so firmly and fearfully rooted in place before taking this class…how could I not be happy with being set free?”

“Thanks, Max. You were fabulous. I was blown away.”

“The course was much juicier and impactful than I’d even hoped. It feels really life-changing for me. Not only has it given me gobs of insight into what keeps me from creating, it’s also given me the ability to move forward in my work.”

"I have learned possibly the most important tool I will ever learn. It has brought me so many wonderful things these past 3 months. It is a tool I will use forever."

“I hadn't completed a song in five years prior to starting in with the group, but, during the course of the program, I ended up writing several new songs and gaining confidence that I'll be able to come up with more pretty much anytime I set my mind to it.”

"I have recognized myself as my own best friend and I am nurturing my growing self with the effect being multitudinous. Can't even begin to list the positive effects."  


"[The Artist's Way] enables me to enjoy life more in every way--freedom to play."

“Max is a great teacher, incredibly articulate and knowledgeable.”

“I was delighted at Max’s bottomless insight into the nature of poetry and into describing the process of writing poetry.”

Maxima Kahn

Classes I offer

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Click on a course title for full details of that class. This Fall I'm offering 2 online interactive classes and 3 classes that meet in Grass Valley, California.

The Artist's Way  Transformational teleclass and global creative community. Are you yearning for more creativity, joy and fulfillment in your life? Do you long to connect more deeply with your heart's passions? * Do you feel blocked from fully expressing your creative gifts? * Are you in transition and not sure which way to go? Uncover, discover and develop your creativity in whatever form it appears. Cultivate your unique gifts and create a life of joy, passion and fulfillment in this profound, life-changing adventure. Sign up for my e-news to find out when the next group starts.

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• CONVOCATION OF POETS  Poets need the community of other writers to thrive and grow as artists. This year-long writer’s group (sign up for 6 month modules) for poets will keep you writing, developing your craft, conversing with other poets, being inspired, and will provide both a deep dive into the world of poetry and ongoing sustenance for your creative life. in Grass Valley.

Next group starts March 18. Register by March 13.

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Living your dreams An intensive dream creation course to fully support you in living your dreams and moving past the internal blocks that keep them from flourishing. This multi-faceted approach will guide you into an integrated realization of how to live a heart-centered, fulfilling, joyful life, how to realize the goals that matter to you, and how to deal with the fear, doubt and challenges that arise on the path.

ROMANCING THE MUSE: A DAY OF CREATIVE WRITING Give yourself the gift of a day of courting the muse within, that source of creative inspiration that lives in each of us. The emphasis is on play and permission, freeing up the writer in you to get to your truest, most powerful and alive voice. This is a powerful, fun and easy process to generate new writing on the spot in a safe, supportive atmosphere where you'll also learn about craft. You will leave inspired to write!

Riding the dragon: poetry workshop   An exciting, supportive workshop to develop your poetic skills. Inspire and empower the poet within, learn the mysteries of the craft of poetry, hone your ability to express yourself powerfully and beautifully, enjoy the companionship of other poets, and find yourself writing poems that surprise and delight you.

FREEDOM TO WRITE: CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP Discover your authentic voice, generate powerful writing, blast through writer's block, and make time for your creativity. Open to writers in all genres and at all levels of experience, this approach has a magical way of drawing forth our most authentic voice and compelling writing and freeing our muse.

Deep PLay: Awareness-based, relational dance for all bodies.  Based in Contact Improvisation with Authentic Movement, Body-Mind Centering and more.  Move in the world with grace, confidence and joy. Discover freedom and ease of expression. Transform body, mind and relationship. Open to the sensuous wonder of being alive.

• Keeping a Journal: Starting a journal, continuing to write regularly, learning to use your journal in all kinds of wonderful, new ways for self-discovery and expression. A powerful tool for life!

• More classes: I offer a variety of workshops and classes for writers, dancers, artists and creative people of all kinds.  I am willing to travel, if you are interested in hosting me to teach.


More information about my exclusive one-on-one program, Passion, Possibility & Play: Creating Your Extraordinary Life is available by emailing me. max [at] maximakahn.com

About Me

Maxima Kahn: I live in Grass Valley, California, in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. I write poetry, fiction and essays, and have finished my first novel. My writing has appeared or is forthcoming in such publications as Westview, Eclipse, Borderlands, The Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Poem, Rattlesnake Review, Hardpan, Leftview, Spillway, the Nevada County Poetry Series Anthology, and elsewhere. I have been a featured reader in numerous venues and have taught creative writing at the University of California, Davis Extension and in private classes and workshops.

I am an award-winning composer and an avant-garde violinist, having performed with such groups as the Relentless Compassion Orchestra, the Tiny Monsters, and Sawbones. As a dancer, my primary love is Contact Improvisation. I have performed as a dancer in Vermont, Texas, Colorado and California

Contact me! max [at] maximakahn.com