I work with spirited, heart-centered people who feel blocked or stuck in their creative expression and in living the life they dream of.

I help you to powerfully unleash your creativity and unique gifts and follow a heart path to actually have your dreams come true. I help you to co-create a life of passion, possibility and deep play.

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from journeying on the artist's way with me

"Extreme joy at beginning to hear my inner self, to have access to my essential self! wow. . . I totally loved this course! Thank you so much."

"Max, you are exceptional as a teacher: intuitive, supportive, enthusiastic, as well as having a wealth of your own experiences to draw from. I was so stuck, so firmly and fearfully rooted in place before taking this class...how could I not be happy with being set free?"


"The course was much juicier and impactful than I'd even hoped. It feels really life-changing for me. Not only has it given me gobs of insight into what keeps me from creating, it's also given me the ability to move forward in my work."

"The best things were the discoveries I made and my experiences of delight…Or maybe it was the depth of the intimacy and sharing, the openness of all of us.  The way you hold space, Maxima, is so wise and gracious and compassionate, and definitely among the best things about the course.  Being more self aware now and creatively re-engaged with life is right up there too.  I moved through so much, transformed very quickly and deeply, much better than any therapy I’ve done.  All so powerful!"

"I hadn't completed a song in five years prior to starting in with the group, but, during the course of the program, I ended up writing several new songs and gaining confidence that I'll be able to come up with more pretty much anytime I set my mind to it."


"I have learned through some amazing revelations. . . so that the pain has dissolved and I see myself in a better light, more open to finding and trusting myself, my passions and my creativity. I see myself as creative!"  

"So many breakthroughs and transformations! I have a whole new definition for creativity now, and think The Artist’s Way would more aptly be called The Wholeness Way for All Humans."


"I am more graceful in my day, more open, and more able to accept challenges of relationships and work. I feel capable in a way that comes from within."


"Maxima, you are the quintessential facilitator, so present, so engaged and open and loving and strong. I love how you maintain the focus and structure while allowing flexibility to flow through as needed. One of my best group experiences ever!"


"My partner and children are thrilled with the transformation they see in me of bringing more fun and lightness into my daily life. I notice I feel more hopeful, more positive, more powerful-more accepting of my strengths and weaknesses as well as others'...also have discovered a more magical way to work with and bend time."


" The course helped me wake up to the fact that several parts of my life had been on autopilot...now six months later I realize that it aided me in ways I had not anticipated and catalyzed several major changes of direction in my life that I am now currently pursuing and enjoying very much.  The Artist's Way course effected my life in unanticipated but welcome ways - larger than simply 'becoming a better artist' ,  but helped me look at life the way an artist would look freshly at a canvas when creating a new piece of art. Thank you Maxima. "


"A feeling that I am supported in my desire to create has come over me, lending an optimism and a belief in myself that I haven't known before."


"This class has been revolutionary for me, the first of what I hope to be many many excursions into my Creative Self. I feel it has turbo-charged my personal evolution and growth."


"I have learned possibly the most important tool I will ever learn. It has brought me so many wonderful things these past 3 months. It is a tool I will use forever."  


"I have recognized myself as my own best friend and I am nurturing my growing self with the effect being multitudinous. Can't even begin to list the positive effects."  


"[The Artist's Way] enables me to enjoy life more in every way--freedom to play."


"My goals have become richer and the path clearer. My life has become more balanced. . I feel more forgiving of myself, more focused on fun, love, play and self-care. . . I feel more confident."  








The Artist's Way:
A 90-day Adventure to Unleash the Artist Within


* Are you yearning for more creativity, joy and fulfillment?

* Do you long to connect more deeply with your heart's passions?

* Do you feel blocked from fully expressing your creative gifts?

* Are you in transition and not sure which way to go?

Discover, uncover, recover and fully unleash your creativity, passion and joy in this powerful, life-changing course, based on the bestselling book The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron.

For creative people of all kinds–writers, musicians, dancers,
filmmakers, painters, and other creative souls—you will:

* discover your true passions and what stops you from pursuing them fully

* uncover your unique gifts and what brings you joy

* profoundly unleash the creative flow of inspiration in your life
(no matter how long you've felt stuck or blocked)

* develop a positive relationship with your creativity and yourself

be inspired and empowered to do what you love now! (No more waiting.)

Together we form a strong, supportive group in which we nourish each other's aspirations as we journey into our deepest relationship with ourselves, resolving what holds us back from the creative, alive beings we truly are. You will be inspired and empowered to create your
unique life of passion, purpose, and deep play.

Taking The Artist's Way and then the next workshop with you has brought such deep shifts in my life. I wish everyone I know would take the course.”






This course has profoundly changed the lives of countless people by:

  • Opening the flow of creative energy and enthusiasm
  • Healing the wounds that hold us back in our creativity and our lives
  • Helping us create time and space for what we love
  • Connecting us to our unique gifts so we can create lives of meaning, fulfillment and happiness
  • Aligning ourselves with the infinite Source of creative energy and inspiration that allows for real miracles in our lives
  • Teaching the practical tools and steps to hear our heart's deepest desires and actually have them come true
  • Reconnecting us to a profound sense of well-being, possibility and innate joy.

It may well be the most important investment you make for 2015.

"So many breakthroughs and transformations! I have a whole new definition for creativity now, and think The Artist’s Way would more aptly be called The Wholeness Way for All Humans."

"This class has been revolutionary for me, the first of what I hope to be many many excursions into my Creative Self. I feel it has turbo-charged my personal evolution and growth."


The Artist's Way is offered as a telecourse!

Through interactive, participatory live conference calls and a dynamic online Forum you will be a part of a vibrant, supportive, global creative community and get focused, individual guidance to open the flow of your unique creative expression and gifts.

The power of our community is extraordinary for creating profound transformation, deep sharing, lasting friendships, and the safety to grow and reach for your deepest dreams. There is a magic to the group that simply does not exist on your own.

Our live, highly interactive classes are held by conference call (phone charges may apply, depending on your calling plan) and can be accessed via Skype. You only need a phone for the calls, but you will need a computer with internet access to receive weekly emails and to participate in our online Forum. 

The limited group size means you receive individual support for your creative challenges and dreams. I bring a wealth of supportive teachings, techniques and experience to this course that are not available elsewhere. Participants who have done The Artist's Way before on their own or with others repeatedly tell me they got way more from this experience with me than they they did before.

"I am aware that so much of what I experienced in the intimacy of our group was what I longed to experience in my family growing up: feeling safe in being seen just as I am, feeling accepted, being asked 'What do you dream of?' and then being strongly supported in moving toward it. Tears of joy for this gift rise up in me every time I think of it."

"It has redefined what I think of community because being with this small group of people who have a collective purpose, it has really amazed me how this sense of community and connection can happen even though I’m in a different country. Without the group I wouldn’t have been able to have experiences like I did that have changed me. …It reinforced for me how important it is to be a part of something like that."


* Every week there is one class call on Tuesdays 5:00 - 6:30 pm Pacific Time. (To find out when that is in your time zone, click here: www.worldtimebuddy.com) You'll receive the week's theme and be guided through powerful processes to unleash your unique creative gifts, including sharing with others in small groups on the phone.

* plus one Q&A call on Saturdays from 10:30 am - 12:00 noon Pacific Time
  These calls are an integral part of the course and a place for me to introduce processes and helpful tools that address your specific questions and needs. You will receive the support you need to transform what holds you back into your greatest strengths. These are powerfully transformational calls.

* An online private Forum to foster creative community and receive the profound support, inspiration and soul solace that offers.

* All classes and Q&A calls are recorded and available for download within 24 hours after the call, so you can listen at your convenience and keep them forever in your library for whenever you need a burst of inspiration and guidance.

Next group starts Tuesday, February 3 and ends May 5

(12 weeks of classes and a final celebration call, one week off March 24)

Investment in yourself:   


Option 1 * $597 if you pay in full.

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NOTE: You do NOT need a PayPal account to use this. You can enter your credit/debit card.

Option 2 *$697, pay in three monthly installments of $231 each

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If you have any questions, please contact me at max [at] maximakahn.com or (530) 263-9780. I look forward to sharing this incredible journey with you. 

*Deposits are non-refundable. If you attend the classes and Q&As and decide before the start of the third class that it is not for you, you will be refunded your full payment less $150 processing fee. After that time, there are no refunds.  


For more information, you can listen to my free teleseminar:

3 Keys to Unlock the Artist Within &

An Introduction to The Artist's Way

click here to listen

[Note: Skip to 15:00 to get past the hold music. The call is about 75 minutes long and I start with a guided meditation and I lead an experiential process to take you into your creative self at about 1 hour in].



About Maxima Kahn

Maxima Kahn lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Northern California. A writer, dancer and musician, Maxima has studied creativity and the creative process extensively for over 25 years. She brings to her teaching a unique blend of many profound, contemporary, transformational practices and her devotion to the creative path, combined with an ancient, practical, wisdom-based perspective, learned as a student of a initiated shaman of the Huichol tradition of Mexico.

Her popular courses in creative writing, creative dance and the creative process, including The Artist’s Way, have helped hundreds of people to free themselves from creative blocks and inhibitions and follow the life of their dreams. She also works with bold, spirited people individually and in groups, giving them the tools and steps to listen to their own heart’s guidance and co-create with Life to actually have their heart-felt dreams come true. 

A writer of poetry, fiction and essays, her poems have appeared in numerous literary journals, including Westview, Eclipse, Borderlands, The Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Poem, Rattlesnake Review, Hardpan, Leftview, Spillway, the Nevada County Poetry Series Anthology, and elsewhere. She is a featured reader at literary events and formerly taught creative writing at the University of California, Davis Extension. 

Maxima is an award-winning composer and an avant-garde violinist, having performed with such groups as the Relentless Compassion Orchestra, the Tiny Monsters, and Sawbones. As a dancer, her primary love is Contact Improvisation, which she taught for many years. She brings this deep body-intelligence and awareness to all of her teaching. 

Maxima believes we each come to this life with unique gifts we are here to share and that the world needs. In the giving of these gifts, we find a life that is rich, joyful and deeply fulfilling. Maxima calls these gifts “your unique brilliance.” She helps her students to find and cultivate these gifts in ways that bring them the greatest joy and meaning.