I work with spirited, heart-centered people who feel blocked or stuck in their creative expression and in living the life they dream of.

I help you to powerfully unleash your creativity and unique gifts and follow a heart path to actually have your dreams come true. I help you to co-create a life of passion, possibility and deep play.

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from living your dreams

"Before taking the Class I had a lot of dreams for my life. However, I would become frustrated because I felt like I wasn’t making my dreams reality. I would make attempts at them, but I didn’t know how to really pursue them or how to give them any real time or effort. Since taking the class I am able to verbalize my dreams and then create concrete steps to fulfilling them. I allow myself to have impossible dreams and see how I can actually achieve them. It makes me happier because I am moving forward and making things possible. I also allow myself to take the time to pursue my dreams and give them great weight and significance. Amazing things are happening in my life. Thank you Max!" Catherine


"Maxima, you are the quintessential facilitator, so present, so engaged and open and loving and strong. I love how you maintain the focus and structure while allowing flexibility to flow through as needed. One of my best group experiences ever!"


“There have been umpteen shifts, realizations, manifestations and synchronicities. I’ve been able to step away from old patterns of thought and action that were no longer useful.…I have embraced my authentic self and its evolution. I am painting. I am actively pursuing joy, opening myself to deeper relationships to my husband and friends.” Sara


“I do know that without this class I would not have had the ability to start another business doing what I really love to do. I would have “played it safe.” Thank you! I lost my fear of trying new things, moving from sadness to excitement. I feel alive and am unafraid to search for what matters most to me.” Jana


“I have experienced an opening of a part of myself that seemed sealed off.…I feel more hopeful, more spacious.…I’m following my passions, dreams, etc, gradually…I have taken some definite steps with the quiet confidence that I will and am following (with my heart) my dreams and gifts.” Louise


“Max is wonderfully insightful; she is encouraging and challenging when she needs to be. She is a wealth of information on personal transformation and she is good at teaching various techniques. Her ideas about how to deal with one’s inner resistance after setting a goal are incredibly useful and doable.” Julie


“I have had many breakthroughs, the main one being that I found I loved time with myself, dabbling in painting silk and drawing, playing with ideas and colors, and I want to continue doing more of that. So, it became crystal clear that my job was no longer serving me and I made immediate steps to change my situation for the good of my artistic endeavors as well as for the organization where I am working. It seems to be a win win, working out the best for everyone! I love that!! That is the best reinforcement…realizing that when we make decisions from our hearts, not from fear, that good things happen!” Wendy








Living your dreams:

Creating Your Inspired Life

of Passion, Possibility & Play

This intensive dream creation course is for those who are committed to living the life of their dreams but need help getting there. (We all need help getting there!)

• You have big dreams for your life but you don’t know how to make them a reality.

• You desire to make a bigger contribution to the world, to develop your gifts.

• You feel lost, stuck, confused, frustrated or unfulfilled, spinning your wheels.

• You long for more joy, enthusiasm, heart-connection, meaning, inspiration.

• You lack focus and follow-through. You start projects and then abandon them.

• You’re tired of trying to go it alone and would love the power of a supportive community up to great things.

Join us and watch your dreams blossom into reality.

Participants will realize, or make significant progress, toward a major life dream, plus enjoy the fruits of several smaller dreams.

You will learn how to live from your heart’s guidance to create a life that truly fulfills and delights you.

You will move out of resignation and spinning your wheels into a lived sense of possibility and empowerment as you watch your dreams become reality with this powerful, practical process.

And you'll gain the tools to continue manifesting new dreams from now on.

With the roadmap of my 7-step IMAGINE process, you will receive the support, guidance, tools and accountability to actually create an inspired life that’s right for you, including:

1. Imagine—re-connecting to your heart’s dreams, recovering from disappointment and past setbacks, learning to dream again.

2. Make Ready—creating the conditions for a dream to ripen and bear fruit.

3. Activate—motivation and intention to set the dream powerfully in motion.

4. Grow—practices, perspectives and support to keep the dream alive in the midst of daily life.

5. Identify weeds—Weeding out the dream destroyers: fear, doubt & obstacles.

6. Nourish—Fertilzing for a greater, easier yield with cooperative practices to allow Life to support you and make the harvest more effortless.

7. Enjoy—harvesting your dreams, celebrating miracles and blessings.
and much more!

The course is offered in three 6-week modules with spaces between for integration and play. Each module includes:

• 6 three-hour class sessions rich in life-changing content, practical tools, and experiential activities to bring your dreams to life!

• One private Breakthrough Session with Maxima to support you in living your unique dreams and to powerfully clear any roadblocks.

• The extraordinary co-creative power of a transformative community supporting each other in living your dreams.

• Guided worksheets and at-home assignments to walk you gracefully through the entire IMAGINE process to achieve your dreams and to give you the tools to keep creating your dreams for a lifetime.

Sessions are Tuesdays 10 am - 1 pm. Each module is 6 weeks.

Module I starts April 1.

Module II starts June 10. (Dates may be modified, check with me.)

Module III starts August 19.

Module I—Imagine the garden of your life dreams, prepare the soil for a bountiful harvest. Permission to dream again. Hearing your heart. Finding your guidestar. Discovering your Breakthrough Dream. Activating your Dream Seeds.

Module II—Growing and  Tending Your Dreams. The daily and weekly power practices, tools and perspectives that lead to dreams becoming reality. The how of dreamtending, including dissolving the inner and outer blocks to Dreams.

Module III—Fertilizing your dreams for greater yield and more ease and joy in the process. Supercharging your results with magical co-creative approaches. Harvesting and celebrating the realization of your dreams.

Each Module is $387 which includes:

6 three-hour class sessions rich in life-changing content, practical tools, and experiential activities to bring your dreams to life!

One private Breakthrough Session per module with Maxima to help you bring your Dreams to life now and dissolve any blocks holding you back. These sessions have been powerfully transformative for others.

Guided worksheets and at-home assignments to walk you gracefully through the entire IMAGINE process to achieve your dreams and to give you the tools to keep creating your dreams for a lifetime.

• The extraordinary co-creative power of a transformative community.

Participation in this group is by interview to make sure it is a good match for you and for the group. Contact me to schedule a phone chat to find out.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Contact me! max [at] maximakahn.com or (530) 263-9780

About Maxima Kahn

Maxima Kahn lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Northern California. A writer, dancer and musician, Maxima has studied creativity and the creative process extensively for over 25 years. She brings to her teaching a unique blend of many profound, contemporary, transformational practices and her devotion to the creative path, combined with an ancient, practical, wisdom-based perspective, learned as a student of a initiated shaman of the Huichol tradition of Mexico.

Her popular courses in creative writing, creative dance and the creative process, including The Artist’s Way, have helped hundreds of people to free themselves from creative blocks and inhibitions and follow the life of their dreams. She also works with bold, spirited people individually and in groups, giving them the tools and steps to listen to their own heart’s guidance and co-create with Life to actually have their heart-felt dreams come true. 

A writer of poetry, fiction and essays, her poems have appeared in numerous literary journals, including Westview, Eclipse, Borderlands, The Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Poem, Rattlesnake Review, Hardpan, Leftview, Spillway, the Nevada County Poetry Series Anthology, and elsewhere. She is a featured reader at literary events and formerly taught creative writing at the University of California, Davis Extension. 

Maxima is an award-winning composer and an avant-garde violinist, having performed with such groups as the Relentless Compassion Orchestra, the Tiny Monsters, and Sawbones. As a dancer, her primary love is Contact Improvisation, which she taught for many years. She brings this deep body-intelligence and awareness to all of her teaching. 

Maxima believes we each come to this life with unique gifts we are here to share and that the world needs. In the giving of these gifts, we find a life that is rich, joyful and deeply fulfilling. Maxima calls these gifts “your unique brilliance.” She helps her students to find and cultivate these gifts in ways that bring them the greatest joy and meaning.