I work with spirited, heart-centered people who feel blocked or stuck in their creative expression and in living the life they dream of.

I help you to powerfully unleash your creativity and unique gifts and follow a heart path to actually have your dreams come true. I help you to co-create a life of passion, possibility and deep play.


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“I was delighted at Max’s bottomless insight into the nature of poetry and into describing the process of writing poetry, how Max could combine complexity and simplicity concomitantly in her explanations.”

“Max, I have great admiration and respect for how you lead—and gently instruct—the group of us. You create an environment of quietude and trust. You enable us to be confident with our creations and help us make and hear comments from others in a caring way.”

“If you are serious about writing but find it difficult sometimes, this workshop is very encouraging. If you want to share with other ‘emerging’ poets in a supportive setting, take this workshop.”

“I REALLY loved it and found it very useful.”

“It broke me out of my rut to try writing in styles I would have never done on my own.”

“Max is a great teacher, incredibly articulate and knowledgeable.”

“I looked forward to class every week. It was a wonderful retreat from daily life where I could submerge myself into the warm waters of creativity and evoke the poetic muse. It was in intimate and safe setting to simultaneously be creative, challenged, and inspired. …nothing better to get your writing going, or keep it rolling. It was a totally comfortable and completely worthwhile experience.”

"Maxima's writing exercises helped me to open up to the rhythm of my own poetic heart, and to reveal it in a nurturing workshop environment. I highly recommend this workshop to all writers!"

“Poetry is an adventure with Max’s style of teaching. Nothing pedantic or textbook-like. Rather, a chance to dive in and explore a new facet of poetry every session, be it metaphor, emotion or viewpoint. …a springboard for new discoveries and a way to open up and envision wider horizons.”


 “I really appreciated the poetry class. I learned a lot on many levels, both about the art and craft, and within myself as a writer. I feel like  I gathered strength, and some confidence.  I loved listening to others poems, learning about the craft, the hows, hearing your perspectives/experience, and sitting amongst poet peers!”

“It has been so long since I have been focused on writing anything that I wasn't sure if taking a class would help. Thankfully, joining your poetry writing class has been both educational and inspirational. You and my fellow classmates have inspired me to 'get going on expressing myself through poems and stories. You are a delight and a fine teacher of the art. I look forward with joy at taking more of your classes and meeting other aspirants. “

“Our poetry workshop was exactly what I hoped for. It had the encouragement to write for a supportive audience combined with more specific, constructive feedback. I really benefited from a workshop that taught the craft of poetry. I appreciate that your own suggestions for revisions were so candid yet supportive.”

“Max articulates her thoughts clearly and is an exceptionally good listener. She provides a safe and comfortable environment for learning. When students share their writing in class, she offers constructive and insightful responses. As a participant, I felt a great sense of freedom and engagement.”

“Max set an engendering tone to the proceedings.  I always felt comfortable during the workshopping because of Max’s deft skills at keeping the discussions in a positive vein.”

“Max’s scholarly background, along with her supportive style, is the course’s outstanding feature.”

“The readings…introduced me to different styles and forms.  Very valuable.”

“Workshopping our poems was great and very helpful, and the homework was great.  I learned a lot!”

“My first introduction to a poetry class.  It was a bit scary at first and then magically evolved into a wonderful, uplifting, creative environment that helped me grow as a writer.  I learned things that I never knew existed about writing a poem.  I look forward to the next writing adventure with you.”








Riding the dragon

Poetry Writing Workshop

An exciting, supportive workshop to develop your poetic skills.

Discover the wilds of the art of poetry

Learn the mysteries of the craft of poetry

Hone your ability to express yourself powerfully and beautifully

Enjoy the companionship of other poets

Write poems that surprise and delight you

Open to writers at all levels of experience.

This lively class is designed to inspire and empower you to write poems, explore new styles with curiosity and permission, deepen your enjoyment of the world of poetry, and take you to the next level from wherever you are starting. We look at stimulating examples from published poets, illuminating aspects of the art and craft of poetry, dive into inspiring and inventive in-class writing exercises to expand your palette and get the ink flowing, and give you prompts for poems to write at home to keep you engaged with writing. We create a safe, supportive environment with encouraging, constructive feedback, and we discuss approaches to revising that make your poems sing.

You'll learn how to use metaphor, striking imagery, vivid sense detail, line breaks, poetic forms, word choice, and elements of sound in language to strengthen your expression. You'll be encouraged to draw from memory, imagination and observation for rich source material for your poems. You'll be invited to try new styles, forms, ideas, and you'll uncover what helps you stay inspired.

8 Weeks • Wednesdays • 10:00 am- 12:30 pm • Grass Valley

October 1 - November 19 • $347

Join Us Now and Discover the Poetry of Life!

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For more information: call Maxima (530) 263-9780 or max [at] maximakahn.com

*Deposits are non-refundable. If you attend the classes and decide before the start of the third class that it is not for you, you will be refunded your full payment less $100 processing fee.

About Maxima Kahn

Maxima Kahn is a writer of poetry, fiction and essays. She has taught workshops on writing, creative process and creative dance since 2004.

Her popular courses in creative writing, creative dance and the creative process, including The Artist’s Way, have helped hundreds of people to free themselves from creative blocks and inhibitions and realize their life dreams. She also works with bold, spirited people individually and in groups, giving them the tools and steps to listen to their own heart’s guidance and co-create with Life to actually have their heart-felt dreams come true. 

Her poems have appeared in numerous literary journals, including Westview, Eclipse, Borderlands, The Meridian Anthology of Contemporary Poetry, Poem, Rattlesnake Review, Hardpan, Leftview, Spillway, the Nevada County Poetry Series Anthology, and elsewhere. She is a featured reader at literary events and formerly taught creative writing at the University of California, Davis Extension. 

Maxima is an award-winning composer and an avant-garde violinist, having performed with such groups as the Relentless Compassion Orchestra, the Tiny Monsters, and Sawbones. As a dancer, her primary love is Contact Improvisation, which she taught for many years. She brings this deep body-intelligence and awareness to all of her teaching. 

Maxima believes we each come to this life with unique gifts we are here to share and that the world needs. In the giving of these gifts, we find a life that is rich, joyful and deeply fulfilling. Maxima calls these gifts “your unique brilliance.” She helps her students to find and cultivate these gifts in ways that bring them the greatest joy and meaning.