Permission to Dream

Permission to Dream

 A FREE experiential workshop to uncover your heart’s dreams 
and start birthing them into reality 
with Maxima Kahn

Thursday, December 29 • 3:00 – 4:30 pm Pacific Time

You can have the life your heart dreams of. Those dreams were given to you for a reason. 

And the means to realize them exists within you. 

But first, you have to listen to your heart and grant yourself permission to dream… 

Many of us have learned to settle for “good enough”, 
or to chase so many desires that we never see many of them come to fruition, 
or to follow dreams that are not from our hearts, that were given to us by others. 

And we are left feeling unfulfilled, frustrated, confused, stuck, overwhelmed. 

Creating a life of your dreams begins with permission to dream again. It begins with finding your true heart’s desires and getting clear on what is most essential for you to follow now. 

In this FREE, inspiring, experiential, 90-minute workshop you will: 

Woman dreaming her breakthrough dream

•Uncover your heart’s dreams with clarity and focus. Discover what is most wanting to come into being in your life that will give you the most positive benefit. 

•Learn a profound and simple tool for connecting with your heart’s guidance, so that you can rest in the knowledge that you are following the right path. 

•Discover the 3 main blocks that stop you from following your dreams. 

•Learn the 9 practical steps to turn a dream into reality and how to get started now. 

•Feel the extraordinary aliveness and joy that comes when you follow your true dreams. 

Grant yourself permission to dream!

“I learned that I can make things happen in my life. If I want something and set my intention and make steps toward it, then it is possible. I can move past the thought and actually have the real change.…I can move mountains!I allow myself to have impossible dreams and see how I can actually achieve them. I also allow myself to take the time to pursue my dreams and give them great weight and significance. Amazing things are happening in my life.” —C.B.

Thursday, December 29 • 3:00 – 4:30 pm PACIFIC TIME

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No cost • Pre-registration required. 

The workshop will be live on Zoom and highly interactive.
You will get the most by attending at the time of the workshop.
However, there will be a recording if you are unable to attend live.

Please note: When you register, you will be added to my email list. You can unsubscribe at any time. The workshop will be recorded and I may share the recording with others. However, you can attend the workshop and choose not to speak or be seen on camera.

About Your Host

Maxima Kahn is a multi-faceted artist, teacher, and initiated firekeeper. She guides artists and dreamers to fully unleash their creativity, become inspired and empowered to give their gifts, fulfill their dreams, and connect with their innate wholeness, freedom, and joy. She has helped hundreds of people create lives of passion, purpose, and deep play.