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by | Jun 30, 2015 | Creative Sparks

I am writing to you to respond to a core challenge I hear from so many of you.

I hear from many of you who:
have done my programs over the years, and also
those who keep longing to sign up but never quite get around to it.
First of all, I want you to know: I love you and I love hearing from you.

Here’s what I hear:

Man Singing_123rfSCENE ONE

You take a class with me, you love it. You have big openings and shifts. You are fired up, inspired—writing, dancing, painting, creating big dreams. You are experiencing synchronicities and support showing up in miraculous ways. It’s thrilling.

Then the class ends and time passes. Some of you feel a bit like the bottom has dropped out. You find yourself struggling on your own. It’s hard to maintain the momentum, the focus and the faith in yourself. You aren’t anchored enough in the practices and perspectives and you don’t have enough support around you in your daily life.

Once outside that circle of support, focus and guidance, you begin to feel lost, confused, overwhelmed and under-supported. You struggle to hold on to the dreams you were working towards, when there is no one around you who really believes in them. Life starts to take over and your fears and doubts rise up. You start to compromise on yourself, get distracted and off course.

Or you are actively working towards your dreams and creative aspirations, and you run into your next level of challenge, your next opportunity to grow. It feels scary, confusing, hard. You really could use some help.

I want you to know:  That’s normal! There is nothing wrong with you.


busy-personYou keep wanting to make time and space to get support around what you love to do, what you dream of doing, what would make your heart sing. You keep wanting help with bringing more play, fun, hope, inspiration into your life. You keep intending to do it some day. But the time is not convenient, and you don’t want to spend the money. And so the years roll by, and you are in essentially the same place.

Many of you tell me things like, “I only stay motivated when I’m taking a class. Why do I need that?” There are very good reasons why you need that. I’ll get into that in my next email.

I have created something beautiful and exciting and most of all, I believe, wildly helpful for you.

I have created a way for you to have ongoing support, guidance, inspiration and structure to foster your creativity and your heart’s dreams inside of a creative community of like-minded souls. Sound good?

And I’ve found a way to make it so that money and time are not an obstacle. Sound even better?

I invite you to become one of my Brilliant Playmates. Find out how here!

I’m going to let you enter the inner sanctum of Brilliant Playground and have all the juicy love, community and inspiration you need to thrive and blossom in your gifts and dreams and creativity. This is the answer to what you’ve been needing, and I made it just for you.

So check it out and join me now.

To your brilliant life,


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