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Drawing on the Power of the Moon

by | Nov 11, 2015 | Creative Sparks | 2 comments

New moon by Nousnou Iwasaki

New moon by Nousnou Iwasaki

Today is the new moon, a natural beginning of a new cycle, one we can feel in our blood and bones, one we can see in the night sky. Peoples of all times have related to the waxing and waning cycles of the moon to help guide the rhythms of our lives.

We are no different now, except that we are far more cut off from these natural cycles than people of earlier times, far more unaware of these large movements that nonetheless impact us.

Yet, we can bring our awareness back, and allow these natural rhythms to support us in the movements of our lives. There is strength, power and helpful structure to be gained by this.

Today, with the new moon, a new “month” begins. The word “month” comes originally from the word for moon, and many calendars were (and are) lunar, though our Western calendar is solar.

On each new moon, I review the previous lunar month and any intentions and/or goals I set for that month. I review how it went, what I did and did not do, what I learned, what happened. I release the previous intentions and goals. And then I set a new intention for the coming moon cycle.

Photo by Ales Krivec

Photo by Ales Krivec

I invite you today to do the same. Set aside a little time where you can be quiet and tune into your heart. You might begin by reviewing the past lunar month. What was significant about it for you, what did you learn, how did you grow, what were the challenges, the blessings, the surprises? You could journal about this, or simply do it in your head.

Then tune into your heart, listen to your inner wisdom and guidance. What intention would support you in the coming moon cycle? What needs attention in your life? What is calling to you? Where is your focus right now? What is coming up this month that you are aware of? What are you longing for, enjoying, learning from or wishing to? Where do you want to grow or change, or what do you wish to cultivate? What intention would support that?

It is helpful (and much more powerful) to set intentions and goals from a place of vision and inspiration rather than from a place of lack within.

Feel into the essence of that intention and state it succinctly but with evocative language that carries the feeling of the intention for you. Write it down. I like to write mine on an index card and put it on a shelf that I walk by daily.

You may also, or alternately, wish to set a 30-day goal for this same time period. A 30-day goal is an unbelievably helpful way to move towards our heart’s dreams and that which we desire to create in our lives in small, manageable steps. Choose a goal that is doable, inspiring, something you would love to, and can, accomplish during this lunar cycle, something that moves a big dream forward with a small step, or perhaps it is something that has been hanging over your head, needing attention, and therefore sucking energy from your life.

Write your 30-day goal on an index card and put it where you will read it daily, preferably where you will read it at the start of your day—perhaps in your day planner. When you read it, ask yourself:  What small (or large) step can I take today towards this goal? Some days there will be no time to do more than reading the goal and imagining its fruition, which is a powerful and supportive step in itself, and some days you will be inspired to take more action.

Today, for this new moon cycle, feel into whether you need an intention or a 30-day goal or both. Some months a more open-ended intention is what is called for, some months you need the structure and focus of a 30-day goal. Some months you want both.

Maxima looking up. Photo by Don Williams

Maxima looking up. Photo by Don Williams

This month, I have an intention: “My intention is to practice moment-to-moment awareness, dwelling in the Present.” This intention represents my growing edge right now. I tend to have a lot of structure and discipline and goals, so right now I am practicing being rather than doing so much, and resting in the present moment instead of being so focused on the future.

By setting new moon intentions and/or 30-day goals each moon cycle, you will find your life moving towards what you love, what matters to you. You will find projects getting completed, and your life aligning more and more with your deepest values and highest aspirations. You will start clearing the inner and outer clutter that is gumming up the works. You will feel inspired and empowered. And you will be drawing on the power of the moon to help you.

Try it. And let me know how it goes for you.

To your heart’s greatest intention,

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