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What I Learned About Love

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Creative Sparks

I was recently inspired and moved by a beautiful blog post by Matt Licata, PhD. What he reminded me is that true love accepts the other person just as they are, without agenda, without trying to change or fix them. We are able to be with them just as they are and find it beautiful, perfect and right.

birdfeedinghand_123rfAs I brought this into my work with my private mentoring (creative life coaching) clients, I found the places where I was still wanting a particular outcome for them that I thought would bring them happiness, peace, relief. Yes, usually this was the very outcome they had said they wanted but were now resisting in some way (this is incredibly common).

If I push them toward this desired outcome when they are resisting, they will tend to dig in their heels and act in self-sabotaging ways. The part of them that’s not ready yet or resisting needs to be held and honored, to be heard.

Seeing this, I am able to let go. As I let go of outcomes and timing, and am just with them exactly where they are, amazing things happen. Big transformations. So much love in the room. Ease.

And Spirit guides the whole thing perfectly. I get to witness people healing themselves and coming to their own brilliance and life dreams beautifully. There’s no rush, and hence, things often happen very quickly.

As a teacher, there is a place for me to take a fierce stand for my students and clients, and I do. I hold a high vision for them when they struggle to hold it themselves. I know what’s possible for them, and I don’t give up on them.

I challenge them gently, when they need to be challenged (as best I can). I take a fierce stand for the truth of who they are and the possibilities for their lives. But I also listen carefully and openly to exactly where they are, holding that as right and good, and I let that guide the whole process. That tells me when to nudge or point out a blind spot or invite them to an inspiring challenge, and it tells me when to just make a whole lot of space for what is happening, be patient and trust.

I wish I could adequately express how moving and miraculous this process is for me, as I’ve been working with more and more people in private 1:1 sessions to help them free themselves from their inner and outer blocks, uncover their heart’s path, and live their life’s dreams.

If you are interested in having this kind of focused, deep, loving support to create your brilliant life and keep on living it, you can find out more here or email me here to set up a free Discovery session.

I also invite you to look at how you can bring this understanding about love into all of your relationships and watch them blossom.

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