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The 5 Helpful Spirits

by | Sep 1, 2014 | Creative Sparks

I’m going to share with you something I haven’t shared before, the Five Helpful Spirits that I have identified really help you to co-create your life dreams with greater ease and grace and fun. I think of them as magical spirits, but you  might also call them qualities, attitudes, approaches.

Here’s the thing: If you really long for something in your heart, if your spirit feels called to something, then there are going to be challenges on the path to actually having/being/living that Dream. It’s a hero’s or heroine’s journey. So, it’s wise to have some helpful spirits accompany you. Aren’t there always helpers that show up in any good fairytale or hero’s quest?

I’m going to share the spirits with you one at a time in my upcoming emails. We’ll start with the first spirit, the spirit of Invitation. See my next post to begin meeting the Helpful Spirits. . .

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